The Black Hart

Ring sizing

As every order you make at The Black Hart is made to order, it’s really important that you know your accurate ring size, as we don’t do returns.

The best way to do this is to order a ring sizer from us directly. This is the standard I use for all my tools, so the size you order should be true to the one you tried with this product.

When you receive your ring sizer, simply thread the end through to make a circle and tighten. The ring sizer should fit as you’d like a ring to fit - not too tight (you shouldn’t see any bulging in your skin) and easy to move over the knuckles, but tight enough to sit in place when you wear it.

Remember that each of your fingers might be a different size, and that things like heat can really affect your hands. The best method is to try measuring the finger you’d like the ring for a few times - in the morning and the evening, and if possible when your hands are hot and when they are a normal temperature.

If you’re ordering a ring for someone else, it’s still really important to have their accurate size. If you can slyly find out their size then that is helpful, but you could also order a sizer and compare it to their current jewellery to get something accurate.

If you know your EU/AU/USA ring size you’ll be able to get a rough idea of your UK size by using a ring size conversion table. However, the most reliable way to avoid disappointment is to order a ring sizer from us.

If you have any other questions about sizing, just get in touch.