The Black Hart

Example commission emails

Hi Jess,

I’d like to commission a ring from you! I want a big skull ring for my middle finger, and I’d like the skull to be wearing a flower crown. I ordered a ring sizer and it looks like my finger’s a size O. I don’t have a deadline and I’m flexible on the price, but ideally I’d like to get it made for less than £200. Do you think that’s doable?


Hi Jess,

I want an octopus ring to symbolise the Greek town where I’m from. I think the old japanese drawings of octopus are really cool, and maybe its tentacles could wrap around the finger, or maybe across the front of a few fingers? Also, do you ship to Greece?


Hi Jess,

I’d like to get my dad a ring for christmas. I don’t really know what the design should be, but he’s really into his rings and his bikes, and proper whiskey. He’s also got a really cute dog (see the pic attached)!

Because it’s a present I obviously need it by December 25th, and I’d like the pictures and videos etc to stay off social media etc so that the surprise isn’t ruined. But I don’t mind them being posted afterwards, as long as you let me know so I can show my dad.

I’ll try to figure out which finger it should be for and what size etc before we set up a call - let me know when would be best for you.