The Black Hart


If you'd like to purchase a ring, a custom necklace or charm then these are commissions as they are created just for you. I have a range of ring designs ready to be customised, or can create something completely unique for you. All TBH rings are currently by commission only.

If you decide to have a piece commissioned, we'll work together on your idea to produce something you will want to, and can, wear forever.

With the exception of a few basic designs - like a skull ring or plain signet, special commissions will never be reproduced. Your custom design remains your own and nobody else will ever be able to buy a copy. Some concepts might overlap with future work, but you can rest assured that the piece you take the time to commission will be yours alone.


How does it work?

Initial email

When you want to order a ring or create a custom piece, send me an email with a rough idea of what you think you’d like. I’ll then get in touch to arrange a voice or video meeting to ask you questions about your idea. You'll be sent a ring sizer to find your correct size, and if you'd like a standard ring design with no customisation, you will be sent a secure checkout link once your size is determined.


The notes and sketches I make during the call will then be sent over to you to review, and if you think of anything else or like a particular idea more than the others, you will be able to email me back with feedback.

Research and design

After the consultation, I’ll go away and do some research to develop the concept with references and inspiration from historic art and jewellery. If you don't already have a fixed idea of what the ring will look like, I'll typically develop a few at once, which you'll then be able to pick from. We'll have a second call to talk through the research, the ideas, and the designs. After this point you'll be able to make small tweaks and adjustments, but the overall design will be set.


Once we've settled on a design, I'll start the hand carving process in wax, keeping you updated with photos of the work as it develops.

When the carving is complete, the piece will be sent to the casters to be transformed into metal. Once the ring is back in my studio, it is finished to the highest quality before being sent to the assay office to be stamped. The piece will then be shipped by special recorded delivery to your door.


If everything goes well, bespoke orders typically take 6-8 weeks to be completed. If you're ordering a piece for a special occasion or as a gift, let me know in your initial email.


Working in the open

By default, I share my work on social media as it develops - in research blogs on this website, pictures and stories on Instagram, and videos on YouTube.

If your commission is a surprise or gift for someone else, let me know and I'll wait until you’ve received it before posting the process publicly.

Pricing and payment

Bespoke designs will range in price depending on the size, weight and complexity of the design. If you have a budget in mind, let me know in the initial email and we can work with this when creating your piece. In general, the simplest bespoke pieces (eg a signet ring with a custom engraving) will start at around £130.

Payment is split into two stages, one before production starts, and one when it ends. At the end of our initial consultation call, I'll be able to give you an estimated final price. If you choose to go ahead at that stage, you'll pay half of that estimate then and the remainder before the finished piece is shipped.

Let's get started!

First, make sure you've read all of the information here, and the FAQ.

Then, send me an email!

If you're unsure about the information your first message should include, take a look at this set of examples. They include the kind of information I'll need from you at this stage, and might help as templates for your own email. Don't worry if there's anything there that you don't know yet - I'm here to help you figure all of that stuff out.