The Black Hart

Founded at the

end of the world

Custom Metal

Every TBH piece is made to order, whether ordered from the shop or designed just for you. This means that every piece is unique, reducing the waste of mass production and making each piece more special.

In the shop you'll find ready to ship merch, made to order small batch necklaces and charms, and info on how to get your own TBH ring. As all the rings are sized just for you, they are custom pieces - meaning they can also be personalised and adjusted to be your perfect piece.

About Jess

With a background in museums and historical research, Jess now works to create pieces that will last for lifetimes. A self taught jeweller, Jess' home workshop is based in Brighton, UK, where she takes inspiration from historic pieces, myth and folklore to create wearable art.

Jess uses the ancient technique of lost wax casting to create her pieces. Everything on TBH starts life as a piece of wax, carved and moulded until it's perfect, then cast in fully recycled solid sterling silver. The process is documented on the TBH social channels.

What is a Hart?

'Hart' is an archaic word for a stag or mature deer. The Hart is a rich symbol in medieval art and writings. In medieval hunting practice, the Hart was seen as the king of the forest, and was the most prestigious kill of the chase. This veneration for the Hart also sprung out many myths and legends, particularly that of the White Hart - a rare and magical beast, and personal badge of King Richard II. The White Hart represented purity, magic and majesty. Read more about stags, signs and symbols on the blog.